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Pro Laser Centreboard Elastic Kit


Sick of having your centreboard slip down at the most inopportune moment?

Well this simple “hack” is THE BEST way to control your centreboard.

With an easy on/off attachment to the board with an ultra lightweight snap shackle, this system eliminates centreboard creep with sailing upwind by applying maximum pressure vertically rather than horizontally like the traditional bow attachment.

The lanyard between the shock cord and the shackle lies between the cleats on the cunningham/outhaul cleats when the board is down.

Combine this with the Laser Centreboard Friction Pad – MkII for the ULTIMATE centreboard solution.


The Pro Laser Centreboard Elastic Kit includes:

- 130cm of 5mm shock cord with custom spliced loop
- 30cm dyneema lanyard connecting shock cord to snap shackle
- Ultra light Snap shackle
- 40cm dyneema to tie to centreboard
- Instructions for quick installation