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CarbonParts EC2 Digital Compass Mount


This year CarbonParts created a new mount. The CarbonParts EC Mount 2.

The CarbonParts EC Mount 2 is a single piece manufactured 100° carbon elbow,
making it stiff enough to withstand any impacts.

It fits the dimensions of the Velocitek Prizm, but also the Raymarine T060 Micro Compass.

It is designed to be placed underneath the vang. This ensures the best visibility and that no ropes get caught on it.

Like all CarbonParts products, it is attached to the deck by a 3M Dual Lock Velcro. It comes with everything you need.

With just 35 g of weight, it is as light as possible. The dimensions are 70x76x115 mm (LxHxW).