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Zhik Product Care Instruction



Avlare® water repellent properties are designed to last longer than previous technologies, Avlare Fabric will stay substantially dry during most surface water sport activities. After repeated use the water repellent performance may gradually reduce. In some situations where excessive rubbing or wear is placed on the garment some reduction in performance may also be experienced. In these cases, the water repellency can be reactivated by applying heat to the garment using an Iron or tumble drier. For best results, allow the garment to line dry prior to applying heat and use the ironing method. Do not exceed 160ºC and avoid ironing the logos.

Regular laundry detergents should be avoided as they can damage the water repellent function. We recommend rinsing the garments with fresh water after each use and washing occasionally using a pH neutral tech wash product designed for technical outerwear. We recommend the use of the below products, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Additional waterproofing treatments following washing are not required, simply follow the instructions above to reactivate the water repellency.

Oil based products such as sunscreen, body moisturisers and lotions may damage the water repellent function of an AVLARE® garment, do not apply to the skin in areas that will be in contact with AVLARE® garments.

NIKWAX Tech Wash®

GRANGERS® Performance Wash


Xeflex® garments should only be washed using a pH Neutral detergent. Regular laundry detergents should be avoided as they can damage the Xeflex® heat reflective layers. After washing, lay the garment flat to dry in the shade. When dry, place the garment in a tumble drier on low heat for 15 minutes to reactivate the water repellency We recommend the use of below detergents designed for technical outerwear:

NIKWAX Tech Wash®

GRANGERS® Performance Wash

Isotak / Aroshell care instructions

After use, rinse with fresh, clean water – then drip dry in the shade until thoroughly dry.

Do not store when wet.

After intense use or 6-12 months of casual use, wash using a detergent specifically designed for technical waterproof clothing. Zhik recommends GRANGERS® Performance Wash or NIKWAX Tech Wash® products. Follow instructions on label.

After washing, allow to dry completely in the shade and then place the garments in a clothes dryer on high heat for 15 minutes or iron fabric using medium heat (do not iron prints and do not apply excess heat to the garment seams). The application of heat will help to reactivate the water repellency of the fabric.

NIKWAX Tech Wash®

GRANGERS® Performance Wash