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Is Your Boat Filling With Water? When Was The Last Time You Checked Your Bailer’s O-Rings?

Check out our latest “Tips & Tricks” Video to see how to PERMANENTLY FIX  your leaking Laser Bailer with Bailer Springs, from C-Vane.

C-Springs Replacement Springs for Laser Bailers $12.50

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C-Vane’s Laser Bailer Springs will permanently fix your Laser Bailer if you have broken O-Rings that are not allowing the bailer to retract when you push the pin back in.

By extracting the Laser Bailer from the hull and following the steps on the video, you can replace the broken o-rings with stainless steel springs that will mean your bailer will continue to work – forever.

This is a “no-brainer” for any serious Laser sailor.  Combined with the Black Rubber Plug, your boat will become “leak-proof”, keeping it dry – particularly on those light wind days.

Wondering how to setup your Laser Traveller? Learn the two options for setting up your blocks, and what you should be looking for in a Laser Traveller Rope.

The Laser Traveller is often seen as a moot point.  A “set and forget” item – something not to worry about.

But before you “forget” about your Traveller, watch this video to see how some minor tweaking can make a major difference to not only your boat speed, but also the durability of your Traveller.

Traveller Line $33.00

or 4 payments of $8.25 with Afterpay


or 4 payments of $7.66 with Afterpay


or 4 payments of $5.10 with Afterpay


or 4 payments of $20.50 with Afterpay


Do any of these situations ring a bell for you?:

Coming off the start line and looking down to see your centreboard 3 inches up, losing you height off the line and requiring you to come in and hit it down Your centreboard continually slipping down on a run

The problem probably lies with the Centreboard Friction Pad. This rubber fitting is crucial to providing some resistance to movement of the board whilst it is in the case. As it is rubber, it wears and perishes easily. This item MUST be checked regularly and replaced when shows signs of wear. A tight elastic shockcord also helps to keep the board tilted up against the pad, but if the pad is worn, the elastic provides nothing.



or 4 payments of $2.23 with Afterpay


You only have to have it happen to you once to know, but if you’ve ever had your plastic traveller fairlead snap whilst  sailing, it is perhaps the most annoying and disabling thing that can happen on a Laser.

One minute you’re cruising along without a care in the world and then “BANG!” a $4 fitting snaps and your day is over.

The solution, upgrade your plastic fairleads to Almag fairleads. These aluminium fittings will never fail and you won’t ever have to think about them ever again. It’ll be the best $40 you’ll spend on your boat.


or 4 payments of $5.46 with Afterpay


You see them on most of the top sailors boats. The look nice and sleak, sometimes shiny and often you’re thinking to yourself – do I need one of those fancy carbon tillers??

Well, the answer to that is actualluy another question – what do they provide to the boat better than a standard alloy tiller?

Firstly is the increadible weight saving – these puppies weight only 300-400 grams, and any weight you can save dragging around the course the better – combine it with a carbon extension and the weight savings grow even more.

Secondly, the extra strength gained from the carbon allow the tillers to be made with an extremely low profile. How does this help? Well, the lower the tiller is to the deck, the lower the traveller rope can be pulled down. This creates an extremely shallow angle for the traveller rope to the deck, meaning the traveller blocks are kept out hard on the edge of the deck, creating better boat speed than if they drift in from the corner.

Lastly, they are incredibly durable – you will only need to buy one for the life of the boat, unlike the alloy tillers which have been known to weaken where they exit the rudder box, occasionally snapping and ruining your day’s sailing.

So, these points put a compelling argument towards cabon tillers, but only probably when you’ve mastered keeping the boat upright – they aren’t much use if you’re upside down!!


or 4 payments of $72.50 with Afterpay

Buy   CARBON TILLER EXT 22MM $210.00

or 4 payments of $52.50 with Afterpay



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