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Acme Black Diamond Carbon Tiller & Fatso Jr Tiller Extn Combo


Used by thousands of Laser racers world-wide, the Black Diamond tiller has set the standard since it was introduced in 1994.

Very generous use of carbon fibre allows the Black Diamond to offer the best combination of very low profile and high stiffness. High tech materials like a titanium chafe plate combined with hand made construction give your helm an amazingly light, smooth and secure feel in any wind.

It’s like putting your tiller on ball bearings, allowing you to really feel the helm. Stay connected with your Laser no matter the conditions.

Fatso Jr Carbon Tiller Extension

The Acme “Fatso Jr” is the Gold Standard for Carbon Fibre Laser Tiller Extensions.
The Fatso Jr. is unique both in construction and design. The comfortable oval cross-section, fully rotating omniflex universal, full length peel ply finish for excellent “gription” and all carbon construction make it a pleasure to use. Very stiff and light. This isn’t just an ordinary stick.

Combined with the Black Diamond Laser Tiller, the extension gives precise, direct feel – priceless when the stakes are high!

The lightweight and textured construction is easy to grip and the right length for racing.