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PROtect Laser Kit


PROtect tapes are a broad range of protective tapes for racing yachts and dinghies. All products have been engineered by polymer and adhesive specialists supported by professional sailors to provide effective solutions to chafing, abrasion, scratches, ageing and wear.

The PROtect Laser Kit contains a Mast Disk made from 1mm thick UHMWPE (Teflon) to prevent wear in your mast step. It also contains a selection of Chafe tapes (see listing below) for snug fit of top and bottom mast sections, deck abrasion from tiller, outhaul and centre board.

Chafe tapes are pressure sensitive tape using extremely high molecular weight polyethelene film with an aggresive acrylic adhesive. It has an very low coefficient of friction, is self lubricating and highly resistant to abrasion (15 times more resistant that carbon steel)!

What this all provides is the ability to keep your Laser in “as new” condition forever, keeping its re-sell value and also providing better performance of parts such as mast sections, outhaul and the centreboard. Go on, give your boat a treat!!!



  • 2 disks
    65mm, 1mm thick Teflon disk for the mast step
  • 2 stripes
    50mm wide for the mast step and mast deck
  • 1 stripe
    17mm x 2m for the snug fit of the top mast section
  • 1 stripe
    30mm x 2m for the snug fit of the top mast section
  • 1 stripe
    34mm x 150mm for the deck abrasion from the tiller
  • 1 stripe
    150mm x 300mm for the outhaul
  • 5 squares
    30mm x 30mm for the centreboard case